Product Care

Care of Bathtubs

Kitchen & Beyond Bathtubs come with a 1 year warranty against any leaks of the bathtubs.
No warranty claims will be honored should the instructions not be adhered too.
Faucets are not covered under the warranty.

Professional plumber recommended for all installation.

***If your bathtub comes with metal bands around the outside, occasional tightening of the bands may be necessary. It is very important, especially in the first few months of receiving your bathtub, to check these bands.

Note: Since the tubs are all handmade each tub will have its own unique qualities and characteristics, which means, No two tubs will ever be the same.

Note: Wood is a natural material that responds to changes in temperature and humidity. These changes set up tremendous internal forces in the wood. If warping or edge cracking appears it is most likely related to uneven changes in temperature or humidity. To prevent drying out of the wood, we recommend frequent usage of the tub, especially in dry climates. The more you use a wooden tub, the better it is. Keep in mind that wood is a live, organic material. If your tub is not being used at least once a week, please make sure to fill it with water. That way the wood will stay in a good condition for years to come.

***As it is typical of all solid wood, hairline surface cracks may occur over the years.

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